Sep 12

Digital resource brainstorming – session proposal

As newcomers to our respective fields (Mike Hernandez is an English MA student, Mackenzie Brooks is new librarian), we are interested in a general discussion and recommendation-giving on the topic of designing and implementing a humanities based digital resource, especially for use in the classroom. We are in the beginning stages of creating a Drupal-based website that will serve as an encyclopedic introduction to science-influenced approaches to the literature. We are interested in discussing such questions as:

-What features do you look for in a digital resource?
-What elements make you consider using a digital resource in a class and in what capacity?
-In your discipline, how would you go about creating and marketing a digital resource? What gap would you fill with it?
-What are examples of successful projects and how have you used them in your research or courses?
-What are some known stumbling blocks for web-based resources?

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  1. Larry M. Brow

    Personally, I like the Ozarks Civil War project, hosted by the Springfield Public Library. It does a great job of bringing together scattered resources, and I believe they even post a sort of manual on how they did it. Any subject could have something similar . . . someday.


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