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Sep 17

Design of digital humanities resources

–[Proposals and areas of interest from participants as indicated on the THATCamp registration form.]–

I am particularly interested in the design of digital humanities resources: there are plenty of powerful software and web tools for analysis and presentation in the humanities, but not many that are designed for portability/reuse, ease of use by non-technologists, or beauty of presentation. I want to build streamlined digital humanities tools that:
-apply state-of-the-art principles of MVC (Model-View-Controller) development, web design and typography to the display of complex humanities data;
-intelligently hide information based on context, to avoid overwhelming users (the dynamic, digital equivalent of end notes vs. foot/marginal notes);
-allow non-experts to explore texts and their digital reincarnations, in depth and in a manner as aesthetically pleasing as print reading.

Other interests: taxonomic information encoding vs. contrapuntal textual movement.

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