Sep 18

What do Libraries need to know to support digital humanities?

(Proposals and areas of interest from participants as indicated on the THATCamp registration form.)

* Our library is beginning to support digital humanities projects and I want to learn more about what people are doing, what people need to know and what support is needed.

* One of my jobs at Emory is managing the DH center we are building in the library so I am looking forward to talking with attendees about the kinds of projects they want to work on and possibly identifying new tools for working on them. In particular, I want to hear more about text mining and strategies for managing collaborative work. I am also deeply – and selfishly – interested in talking through strategies for sustainability and preservation or possibly rethinking what we mean when we use those terms. Does everything need to be sustainable? Do we have to preserve all of it?

* I was just hired into a new position librarian position at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa library in August. Part of my new responsibilities will be managing the digital Arts and Information Gallery located within the library. The purpose of the gallery is to showcase the work of OU-Tulsa students, faculty, and staff and to promote collaborative learning across campus. THATCamp Kansas will be provide an excellent opportunity to interact with and learn from other professionals involved in digital learning.


  1. I was just about to write this very thing (and it looks like I did, sort of). So, yeah, I vote for this.

  2. Scott Hanrath

    I’ll throw in a vote for this one too.

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