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Sep 19

Teaching and curriculum development

(Proposals and areas of interest from participants as indicated on the THATCamp registration form.)

* Our college recently challenged all faculty to do more integration of technology in our teaching. As we are a small liberal arts college, the resources for training are limited. As a historian, I find myself behind the curve on many of the digital resources out there. I hope to learn what is out there for me and my students and how to use it.

* I’ve been designing digital projects for educational enterprises and would like to learn more about how to design projects more closely related to me individually both as a scholar and a teacher.

* I’m trying to develop curriculum for information skills for graduate students and advanced undergrads in language/lit. studies. I’m interested in getting suggestions on what would make up a basic tool-kit for the budding digital humanist; suggestions on how to keep up to date; and input on how to structure on online, modular sequence that would help individuals develop their skill-set.

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