Sep 19

Visiting digital cartographer

This is not part of THATCamp, but those at KU might be interested in this talk by Sam Pepple of Sample Cartography:

Tues Sept 20, 2011
12-1 pm
Lindley 210 (next door to the Art & Design Building)

Sam Pepple worked for the last three years at National Geographic. Starting in NG Maps as an intern, Sam was soon hired to design and produce maps and graphics for the Thematic Section of the 9th Ed. Atlas of the World. After the atlas, he was hired by National Geographic magazine to make maps and graphics for the monthly periodical. In January 2011 he left NGM to pursue a freelance career, and consequently created Sample Cartography. He will be presenting on his career in print and interactive cartography, and on his current work designing in a programmatic way with Open Street Map data for OpenGeo. The focus wil be on the creation of the Atlas of Rock Creek Park, which incorporated a public art project, printed book, and a digital, dynamic, data-base built with open-source geospatial data and mapping API. Through such projects, Sam hopes to inspire whole communities of (non-professional) cartographers to participate in telling their unique narratives, histories, and cartographies through maps.

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