Sep 20

Materials for Workshop 5: Introduction to Mapping Tools and GIS for the Humanities

Dear participants: To prepare to delve into mapping using Quantum GIS, please download this software before Thursday’s workshop at: www.qgis.org. Click the ‘Download Now Free’ button and click on ‘Standalone Installer…’ under ‘Windows.’ Click ‘Download QGIS 1.7.0,’ save this .exe file, then open (double-click) the file to load software.

Secondly, you can download workshop data at: www.lib.ku.edu/gis/scanned. Click on the file called ‘snow.zip’ and OPEN with the default compression software. Choose ‘Extract all files’ and save the files to your hard drive, without using more than 1 or 2 folders, such as c:\temp or c:\users (avoid the desktop or ‘my documents’). Please contact instructor () in advance if you need any assistance.

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